Amazing Plateau Seed: Snapshot 13W38C


Seed: 4205900669328551511 As you can see, this seed certainly contains a lot of great features. It’s one of the most beautiful spawns we’ve seen in quite some time. Please note that it is in a snapshot, so it isn’t generally available. Be sure to check this one out if you want a great looking spawn! Hopefully you’ll enjoy it! Read More »

Epic Mineshaft Seed! Diamonds, MobSpawners, and More!

Seed: DiamondS This seed is perfect if you love starting off with some good items. You can literally start off, grab some items, and head into the mineshaft. It’s incredibly fun to navigate and has tons of mobs for you to fight off. There’s also a lot of other things you can look at in this seed. Here are the ... Read More »

Insane Mushroom Biome! [1.6.2]

seed: 2451673530014285516 Even though we’re on 1.7 now, you can still use this biome on 1.6.2! The best part about this seed, is the fact that you don’t have to travel to use the island. You spawn literally right next to it. If you’d like to use some mooshrooms, or mine some mycelium, this is the seed you’re going to ... Read More »

Fantastic Disco Canyon Seed! [1.7]

Seed: -840222844129379185 One of the coolest things that 1.7 brings us, is Disco Canyons. In this seed, that’s exactly what you get. This is the biggest and best Disco Canyon seed we’ve seen so far. Be sure to check it out if you want to get some awesome colored clay as well! Read More »

Epic Triple Dungeon + Quad Ravine! Best Seed Ever?

seed:-8227252585264349741 This seed is very likely one of the best we’ve ever seen, and is probably one of the best you have seen as well. This seed features a triple dungeon, as well as 4 nearby ravines. It doesn’t get much better than this. Check out the video above for more information on the seed, as the video will show ... Read More »

Amazing Pyramid Seed [1.7]


Seed: Pyramid This seed showcases a huge grass pyramid right near the spawn. You can see most of the ornate details of the seed in the video above. We just had to show off this seed here on MinecraftBestSeeds, it’s absolutely wonderful and is definitely one of the neatest we’ve seen. Read More »

Mushroom and Plains Island


  Seed: 631375545 This seed is perfect for starting a new life on Minecraft. With this huge island being half mushroom biome and half plain sbiome, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be able to start a nice civilization here. You can play around on mycellium while milking your mooshrooms, or simply run over to the plains are and have ... Read More »

Survival Island with Horse Spawn


Seed:¬†2214539889007093628 When you do your survival island ventures, you usually end up pretty bored at first. Luckily with this survival island seed, there’s a horse spawn right on the island. The only problem with this, is the fact that there isn’t all that much land to ride them on. A small island indeed, you won’t have much room to roam ... Read More »

Mooshroom Biome with Witch Hut and Lava WaterFall!


  Seed: -290423905 This is literally one of the greatest looking seeds we’ve ever seen, and we’re sure most Minecraft players will feel the same way. The view here is nothing but amazing. It’s a mooshroom biome with a mountain, a witch hut, and a lava waterfall. What else can you ask for in a seed? Sadly you have to ... Read More »

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